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Historical soil erosion in Western Slovakia

Research Project Information

Military map from 1731 shows
gully systems near Prascice

Invastigating colluvial sediments
over a medieval floodplain near Prascice

Project coordination:
Milos Stankoviansky (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Markus Dotterweich
Pavol Papco (Bratislaca, Slovakia)
Hans-Rudolf Bork (Kiel, Germany)

08.2006 until 08.2008


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  • Institute of Geography, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Universtiy of Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Ecology Centre, University of Kiel


  • Stankovianski, M. (2003): Gully erosion in the Myjava Hill Land in the second half of the last millennium in the context of the central-European area. Geographia Polonica 76: 89-107.
  • Stankovianski, M. (2003): Historical and present slope evolution in hilly farmland (on the example of the Myava Hill Land, Slovakia). Supplementidi Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria VI: 91-97.
  • Stankovianski, M. (2003): Historical evolution of permanent gullies in the Myjava Hill Land, Slovakia. Catena 51: 223-239.
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