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DFG: Heisenberg-Fellowship:
Archaeonics: Transdisciplinary system of past land use systems for an applied landscape development research

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Markus Dotterweich

ab 04.2010 bis 03.2013

German Research Foundation (DFG)


Archaeonics – a new term for applied research of the past using a co-adaptive inter- and transdisciplinary approach. The aim of this concept is to investigate past human-environment systems. The objectives are to reveal new insights and possible implementations to a sustainable energy- and matter flux management in land use, climate protection, and to minimize the use of resources. The archaeonic method also focuses on process based research perspective for techniques, socio-economic, and cultural strategies of past land use strategies. In particularly, the evaluation of these systems to the vulnerability and resilience of internal and external interferences are important. Archaeonic as an applied research method of the past is not only a new research field but also promises to deliver new contributions which may help to mitigate today's and future environmental problems. The main interests are focusing on
1) sustainable long term successful strategies with high efficiency, resulting in a minimum of resource use and an expected high capacity of adaption,
2) case studies on process dynamics in ersoion and soil development in the Holocene, and
3) adaption of past land use techniques into modern land use strategies focusing on soil conservation.


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