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Gully development and land use history at Eußerthal, Southern Palatinate Forest

Research Project Information

Newspaper report about the research project (in german)

Markus Dotterweich

Student staff:
Ina Ottusch
André Daum
Richard Hoffmann

01.2007 (Ende noch offen)

Fix-Stiftung Landau


The research project focuses on the natural and anthropogenic landscape devlopment and gullying in the Holocene. The area is located in a small side valley of the Queich river near the village Wilgartswiesen in the Palatinate forest.

The methods include geomorpic analyses of soils and sediments. Additionally, integrating historical data about land use, weather, and climate events as well as archaeological data will allow the interpreation of the natural and anthropoegenic effects and feedbacks leading to the current situtation.

The first results show that the first gullying took place during the early Middle Ages. Intensive soil erosion were detected during Middle Ages and Modern Times. Some phases could be correlated with settlement development of the village Eußerthal.


  • Dr. Anne Gebhardt (INRAP, Metz)
  • Dr. Julian Wiethold (INRAP, Metz)
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